DC Bike List for week of 11/2

Fall has fallen, the leaves have turned, and the mercury has finally dropped below 80 degrees! Wonderful time of year. The big deal this week is, of course, the WABA Cider Ride on Saturday. As of our publication deadline, registration was still open and the weatherperson was forecasting no rain and a high of ~62F, which is, uh, perfect. Other good ways to enjoy the fall colors this weekend are the Bike Rack’s once-a-month Urban Wilderness Ride on Saturday, or BicycleSPACE’s Hills of Rock Creek Park ride on Sunday. Note also that it’s the first weekend of the month, so both the Hills of Rock Creek Park and the Hills of Anacostia rides cater to beginners. Good time to get out there and give them a shot if you’re new! Finally, there is NO Proteus ride on Saturday, on account of the WABA thing.


One unusual bit of news is that DC has been picked as a test market for a new cycling app called LaneSpotter. Described as “Waze for cyclists,” LaneSpotter aims to help find good routes by offering maps of bike lanes and trails and by crowd-sourcing tips on the best routes through city streets. Now, I do not have an iPhone, so I can’t tell if it’s good or bad, but what would be cool is if you would download the app, use it a couple of times, and then take this quick survey to let me know how it went. I’m curious if it even has enough data yet to be useful.

A few other interesting reads from the week:

OK, onward to the list! If you like this newsletter, feel free to forward it along to friends and tell them to sign up or follow on Twitter. Stay safe, ride fast, ride on.

– Peter

Theme rides

Cider Ride
SATURDAY, 11/4 @ 8:30am
This is the Washington Area Bicycle Association’s signature fall ride, and as of our publication deadline, registration was still open. Three routes available (52 miles, 30 miles, and 10 miles) through some lovely countryside, with a pit stop at Proteus Bikes and, yes, cider! See the registration page for more details.

Ryde for the Cup (DC)
SUNDAY, 11/5 @ 11am
The DC Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are hosting this ride to collect menstrual care products for donation to local queer youth and homeless outreach shelters in the DC area. Short 5-mile jaunt. Bring $10 or a box of pads/tampons and meet at the Joan of Arc statue in Malcom X/Meridian Hill park. (Facebook)


not about speed. enjoy the journey, get some coffee on the way

Weekly Youth Ride (VA)
SATURDAY, 11/4 @ 11am
Leaves from Phoenix Bikes in Arlington. Kids, parents, and registered volunteers are all welcome to join this easy-going ~10-mile jaunt. Different route every week!

Nice & Easy (DC)
SATURDAY, 11/4 @ 10am
A BicycleSPACE ride. Leaves from their downtown shop. This is a ride for everyone, and great for beginners: 8-10 miles at a pace that’s, well, nice and easy.

Urban Wilderness Ride (DC)
SATURDAY, 11/4 @ 10am
Led once a month by the Bike Rack, departing from their Brookland shop. This 17-mile ride explores some of DC’s extensive wooded landscape, including the National Arboretum, Kingman Island, and the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail. Includes a stop for snacks at Eastern Market!

Cupcake Ramble (DC)
SATURDAY, 11/4 @ 11:30am
Another BicycleSPACE ride. Still social, but longer than the Nice & Easy. Leaves from their downtown shop. A leisurely 10-15 mile ride with a stop at a bakery halfway. Back to the shop by 2:30.

Coffee Ride (MD)
SUNDAY, 11/5 @ 10am
Led by Proteus Bicycles from their shop in College Park. Easy-going, about 12 miles, mostly trails. Heading to Vigilante Coffee in Hyattsville. Bring a lock and some folding money! Follow the shop on Facebook for more details/updates.

Nice & Easy II (DC)
SUNDAY, 11/5 @ 10am
Same deal as the Saturday Nice & Easy, but this one leaves from the Adams Morgan shop.

Ride to Valley Fest (VA)
SUNDAY, 11/5 @ 10:30
WABA community ride. Meet at the Virginia Square Metro station for an easy 5-mile roll to the first ever Valley Fest in Shirlington. See some trails, learn some routes! More details and registration here.

City Explorers (DC)
SUNDAY, 11/5 @ 11:30am
A BicycleSPACE ride. Leaves from their downtown shop. A relatively long rambler (20-30mi) with an easy pace and a different route/theme every time. Learn something about the city and get some exercise.

Slow Roll (DC)
MONDAY, 11/6 @ 7pm
Gather at the African American Civil War Museum (11th and U) for this weekly 10-mile social roll through DC. “Ride bikes with good people and good things happen. You can ride with us.” For updates, join the Facebook group here.

Hey – is that a new bike lane? (VA)
WEDNESDAY, 11/8 @ 6:30pm
WABA community ride to explore new bike infrastructure in DC. ~6 miles of poking around! More details and registration here.

Hill rides

often social, can be challenging 

Rock Creek Park ride (DC)
TONIGHT, 11/3 @ 6:30pm
Ride hosted by City Bikes. Meet at the Adams Morgan shop for ~35 miles of RESPECTABLE hills through leafy Rock Creek Park. Bring your climbing legs. Roll-out is at 7pm sharp.

Hills of Anacostia (DC)
SATURDAY, 11/4 @ 8am
Hosted by BicycleSPACE. Meet at the downtown shop. A fun, brisk 20-25 miles of some good climbs and nice views up through Anacostia. This is the first one of the month, so it’s geared toward beginners. Great time to give it a shot if you’ve never done it before! For a little more perspective, you can also check out our Ride Review on the Hills of Anacostia ride.

Conte’s Hill Ride (VA)
SATURDAY, 11/4 @ 8:30am
Hosted by Conte’s Bike Shop in Falls Church and rolling out from there. Pace is quick (“B”), but it’s a no-drop ride with two gather points for people to catch up if they get dropped. Great exercise, 22 miles with about 2,000 feet of elevation.

Hills of Rock Creek Park (DC/MD)
SUNDAY, 11/5 @ 8am
Hosted by BicycleSPACE. Meet at the Adams Morgan shop. Fun, social ride of 20-25 miles through beautiful Rock Creek Park. Enjoy the fall colors and the park’s many roads that are closed to car traffic on the weekends. This is the first ride of the month, so it’s a beginners ride. Perfect time to check it out if you’ve never done one of these rides before.

Tuesday Hills (VA)
TUESDAY, 11/7 @ 6am
Bikenetic’s weekly hills ride. Meets at the shop in Falls Church. Can be somewhat brutal. Route changes every week, so check the shop’s Facebook page for announcements and details.

Road rides

skinny tires, quick pace, emphasis on group riding techniques

7am Ride (MD, DC)
SATURDAY, 11/4 @ 7am
Hosted by no one. Pure road ride, very fast. Gather in Rock Creek Park, at the intersection of Rt. 410 and Beach Drive. This ride is hard and fast, a 40-mile loop on MacArthur Blvd, along the Potomac, through Great Falls Park, an back to the top of Rock Creek Park.

Introductory Road Ride (DC)
SATURDAY, 11/4 @ 10am
Hosted by The Bike Rack. Gather at the Logan Circle shop. This is a moderately-paced 25/30-mile ride intended as an introduction to group rides. You must have a road bike. Bring water and a spare tube. More details here.

Coffee Ride (VA):
SUNDAY, 11/5 @ 7-8am
Bikenetic’s regular Sunday ride. Leaves from the shop in Falls Church. Fun and social, but challenging, with a 20-30 mile loop. Route and time vary by week, check the shop’s Facebook page the night before.

Bike Rack Intermediate/Advanced rides (DC/MD)
SUNDAY, 11/5 @ 8:30am
Hosted by the Bike Rack from the Logan Circle shop. The intermediate ride is 40 miles at an average of 16-18 mph. It’s no-drop, but you have to move quickly. If you want something more challenging the advanced rides take place at the same time. It covers 60 miles at an average speed of 18-20 mph, and you have to be able demonstrated excellent bike handling skills. Both rides are canceled in the event of wet conditions.

Arrow Bicycle ride (MD)
SUNDAY, 11/5 @ 9am
Gather at Arrow Bicycle in Hyattsville for this 32-mile no-drop ride that emphasizes group riding techniques. Ride heads out 52 weeks a year, rain or shine.

Goon Ride (DC/MD)
Hosted by no one. The Goon Ride is maybe the hardest ride around. Riders gather informally at Garret Park Road and Beach Drive. Average speed is 25mph. Good luck.

Gravel and mountain bikes

knobbly tires, off the beaten path, get dirty

Bikenetic mountain bike ride (VA)
TUESDAY 11/7 @ evening
Bikenetic’s regular Tuesday night mountain bike ride. Very weather-dependent, so often announced the day-of. Check the shop’s Facebook page for updates.

Classes and events

Weekly youth night (DC)
TONIGHT, 11/2 @ 6pm-8pm
All young people ages 11-21 are welcome to attend this weekly workshop at Gearin’ Up to get some pointers and hands-on practices working on bicycles.

Open Shop Night (VA)
TONIGHT, 11/2 @ 6pm-9pm
It’s the first Thursday of the month, so Phoenix Bicycles is hosting open shop night. Bring your bike problem and use their fully equipped shop to find a solution. Details and contact information here.

Bike and Roll DC’s annual bike sale (DC)
SATURDAY, 11/4 @ 11am-2pm
Clearing out their fleet of rental bikes, and they go fast! Well used but well maintained hybrids, $220 and up. Great if you need a dependable ride on a budget. Cash only. (Facebook)

Free triathlon training session (DC)
SUNDAY, 11/5 @ 11am
For the tri-curious. Meet at District Hardware and Bikes (the new location at The Wharf) for a Hains Point workout session with a USA Triathlon-certified coach. More details and registration here.

WABA adult cycling classes (VA, DC)
A number of options area available, including city riding and basic skills. Registration is a good idea. Visit their site for more details.

Looking ahead

11/15: All the Cycle Ladies November workshop at Phoenix Bicycles. This month: bike fitting! Registration is free, but required.
11/18: The annual charity Cranksgiving ride! Hop on your bike, ride around the city, collect food for Miriam’s Kitchen!
11/18: Third annual Brrrewery Bike Tour on the W&OD! Hit four different breweries and then metro home