DC Bike List for 11/29

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Some cool stuff going on this week, but the main thing I want to talk about is THE FOLLOWING week: the Hains Point 100! Scheduled this year for Sunday, December 16, this is an annual fundraiser for WABA’s Women and Bicycles program, but honestly, it’s so much more than that. It’s one of the best BikeDC/VA/MD parties of the year, where people from across the whole spectrum of the cycling community–roadies, kids, commuters, weekend warriors, cargo-bikers–turn out to show support for a great cause. No matter what your experience level, whether you plan to grind out a whole 100 miles or just do a couple of leisurely laps, it’s a super fun time and you should definitely come! Registration is free, but please consider donating to support WABA’s work to support women in the saddle.

A few more tidbits from here and there:

  • Apparently TONS of companies have applied to offer dockless bikes and e-scooters next year. Tons meaning, like, 12. According to WTOP, Lime, Ridecell, HOPR/CycleHop, and JUMP applied for separate bike and e-scooter permits; Spin, Skip, Lyft, Wind, VeoRide, Razor, and Bird applied for e-scooter permits; and Riide applied just for a bike permit. If approved, that would be a total of like 10,000 dockless e-scooters/bikes. For comparison, Capital Bikeshare has a fleet of about 4,300 bikes.
  • DDOT is proposing some kind of plan to eliminate the bike lanes on a busy section of 14th street andreplace them with dedicated bus/bike lanes that turn into street parking on evenings and weekends, so not actually all THAT dedicated. IMHO sounds a bit kooky, I’m not really a fan.
  • In further news, DDOT will study the possibility ofending the rush hour reversible lanes on Connecticut Ave NW. Don’t tell the motorists, but ending this dumb and dangerous arrangement is the first step toward putting a dedicated cycletrack right smack up the middle of this car sewer. Dream big!
  • Something worth keeping an eye on is the Long Bridge project. Basically, you know that rusty old rail bridge over the Potomac, just south of the 14th St. bridge and 395? That’s the Long Bridge. It’s due for an upgrade, and a bunch of organizations are pushing for the updated version to include super-nice space for pedestrians and bikes. More here from WABA.
  • SPEAKING of WABA, don’t miss the WABA holiday party, coming up on Wednesday the 14th! You have to be a member to participate BUT you can also become a member at the door, so see you there!

OK, that’s all I’ve got. If you like this newsletter, feel free to forward it along to friends and tell them to sign up or follow on Twitter and on Facebook. Also, if you have a ride you want added to the list, you can submit it via this form. Stay safe, ride fast.

– Peter

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Vélocity Holiday Warehouse Sale (DC)
SUNDAY, 12/2 @ 9am-1pm
The Vélocity Bicycle Cooperative is clearing out its warehouse in this holiday sale. Grab a winter ride that’s easy on the wallet, or a nice present for a loved on! [Facebook]

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not about speed. enjoy the journey, get some coffee on the way

Spokes Etc. Vienna shop ride (VA)
SATURDAY, 12/1 @ 8:15am
Leaves from the Vienna shop. Easy pace, no drop, covers about 15 miles. Join the Google group for updates by sending an e-mail to vienna-shopride@googlegroups.com. [Spokes Etc. calendar] 

Nice & Easy (DC)
SATURDAY, 12/1 @ 10am
A BicycleSPACE ride. Leaves from their downtown shop. This is a ride for everyone, and great for beginners: 8-10 miles at a pace that’s, well, nice and easy. [BicycleSPACE]

Youth Ride (VA)
SATURDAY, 12/1 @ 10am
Weekly ride for kids, youths, and adult volunteers led by Phoenix Bicycles from their shop in Arlington. Easy-going, usually ~10 miles. Check social media for route and updates. [Facebook]

Cupcake Ramble (DC)
SATURDAY, 12/1 @ 11:30am
A chill ride hosted by BicycleSPACE, 20-30 miles, with a stop for some kind of sweet treat halfway through. Leaves from the downtown shop. [BicycleSPACE]

Saturday Social Ride (MD)
SATURDAY, 12/1 @ 11am
A casual ride led by Proteus Bicycles from their College Park shop. Usually about 12-16 miles, round trip. Bring a lock and some cash for stops! And kids are welcome if they can do 10 miles or are attached to the parent’s bike. [Facebook]

Pizza Ride (DC)
TUESDAY, 12/4 @ 7pm
Starts at City Bikes in Adams Morgan. A leisurely 10-mile loop around Mt. Pleasant, Rock Creek Park, and Kalorama, stopping for pizza afterward at Glenn’s Garden Market.

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Hill rides
often social, can be challenging 

Hills of Anacostia (DC)
SATURDAY, 12/1 @ 9am
Hosted by BicycleSPACE. Meet at the downtown shop. A fun, brisk 20-25 miles of some good climbs and nice views east of the river and dipping into MD. No-drop ride. Note that the time has changed to winter hours, so they’re rolling at 9am now. See our Ride Review here!

Hills for Breakfast (VA)
SATURDAY, 12/1 @ 8:30am
Hosted by Conte’s in Falls Church. Gather there for 20+ miles of VA hills. Fairly hardcore group that moves at a brisk pace, but it’s a no-drop ride. Cancelled in the event of rough weather or ice. Join the ride’s Facebook group and check the shop’s social media for updates. [Facebook]

Hills of Rock Creek Park (DC, MD)
SUNDAY, 12/2 @ 9am
Led by BicycleSPACE. A beautiful and sometimes challenging ride along the rolling mostly car-free roadways of Rock Creek Park. No-drop ride. Note that the Adams Morgan shop has closed, so the ride now leaves from the K St. location.

Tuesday Hills (VA)
TUESDAY, 12/4 @ 6am
Bikenetic’s weekly hills ride. Meets at the shop in Falls Church. Can be somewhat brutal. Route changes every week, check the shop’s Facebook page for announcements and details.

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Long rides
30+ miles, exploring new routes and interesting destinations

City Explorers (DC)
SUNDAY, 12/2 @ 11:30am
A BicycleSPACE ride. Leaves from their downtown shop. A loooong rambler, 30 miles and up, with decent pace and a different route/theme every time. Lots of local history in this one, learn something about the city and get some exercise. [BicycleSPACE]

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Gravel and mountain bike rides
thick tires. trails. back roads. get dirty.

Hooky Ride (VA)
FRIDAY, 11/30 @ 9:30am
This week’s Hooky Ride is actually a mountain bike ride! Led by the Bikenetic folks. This one will hit Fountainhead Regional Park in Fairfax Station for 12-14 miles of riding through the leaves. [Facebook]

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Road rides
skinny tires, quick pace, use of group riding techniques

7am Ride (MD, DC)
SATURDAY, 12/1 @ 7am
Hosted by no one. Pure road ride, very fast. Gather in Rock Creek Park, at the intersection of Rt. 410 and Beach Drive. This ride is hard and fast, a 40-mile loop on MacArthur Blvd, along the Potomac, through Great Falls Park, an back to the top of Rock Creek Park.

Spokes Etc. Vienna shop rides (VA)
SATURDAY, 12/1 @ 7:15am, 8:15am
Two rides rolling from Spokes, Etc.’s Vienna shop. The first departs at 7:15am, moves at a good 16-18mph clip in a 15 mile loop, then back to the shop, where you can hop on the second ride, departing at 8:15am for another 20-25 miles at a slightly more relaxed pace. Check Facebook for updates and cancellations. [Facebook]

Introductory Road Ride (DC)
SATURDAY, 12/1 @ 10am
Hosted by The Bike Rack. Gather at the Logan Circle shop. This is a moderately-paced 25/30-mile ride intended as an introduction to group rides. You must have a road bike. Bring water and a spare tube. This ride will NOT take place if the temperature is below freezing. More details here.

Bicycle Place Advanced Road Ride (DC, MD)
SUNDAY, 12/2 @ 8:00am
Advanced road ride led by The Bicycle Place Club. Meets at 8am at their shop in Silver Spring, wheels rolling by 8:30, the ride snakes through Rock Creek, Chevy Chase, Bethesda Potomac, and Kensington. About 40 miles in all, pace is fast (20-24mph). [details]

Sunday Morning Social Ride (DC)
SUNDAY, 12/2 @ 8:30am
Heads out from Conte’s in Navy Yard. Social paced but quick (15-17mph) ride. No indication of distance on the event, but I would say figure at least 20 miles. [Facebook]

Bike Rack Intermediate/Advanced rides
SUNDAY, 12/2 @ 8:30am
Hosted by the Bike Rack from the Logan Circle shop. The intermediate ride is 40 miles at an average of 16-18 mph. It’s no-drop, but you have to move quickly. If you want something more challenging the advanced rides take place at the same time. It covers 60 miles at an average speed of 18-20 mph, and you have to be able demonstrated excellent bike handling skills. Both rides are canceled in the event of wet conditions.

Spokes Etc. Quaker Lane shop ride (VA)
SUNDAY, 12/2 @ 8:30am
Departs from the Quaker Lane shop in Alexandria. Quick pace (15-20mph) for a good distance (30-40 miles). More details on the events calendar. [Spokes Etc. calendar]

ProBike FC Sunday Shop Ride (VA)
SUNDAY, 12/2 @ 9am
Lengthy and quick road road, leaves from ProBike’s shop in Falls Church. Expect at least 20 miles, A-B-C groups, no drop. [Facebook]

Arrow Bicycle road ride (MD)
SUNDAY, 12/2 @ 9am
Gather at Arrow Bicycle in Hyattsville for this 32-mile no-drop ride that emphasizes group riding techniques. Ride heads out 52 weeks a year, rain or shine.

Spokes Etc. Belle View Co-ed Road Ride (VA)
SUNDAY, 12/2 @ 2pm
Meets at the Belle View shop for a solid 25-30 miles of riding at a moderate 15mph pace. More details on the events calendar. [Spokes Etc. calendar]

Wheel Nuts Road Ride (VA)
TUESDAY, 12/4 @ 6pm
Meets at the shop in Alexandria at 5:45pm, wheels rolling by 6pm. For people with road and tri bikes, tho it’s only a 13-mile ride and the pace is moderate. Check social media to see if it’s on. [Facebook]

Goon Ride
Hosted by no one. The Goon Ride is maybe the hardest ride around. Riders gather informally at Garret Park Road and Beach Drive. Average speed is 25mph. Good luck.

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Looking ahead

12/8: It’s all Happening at the Zoo bike ride! WWOD thing.
12/8: Refurbished bike sale! Three local co-ops participating.
12/16: Hains Point 100! Fundraiser for Women and Bicycles.
12/20: BikeDC happy hour! Ugly bike jersey edition.

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